Networking Networking Women

   Co-founder and current co-leader, N^2 Women (Networking Networking Women),
   a community supported by ACM and IEEE, 2006 - Present


   Information Director, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, 2012 - Present
   Steering Committee, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Communications
      Society Representative, 2013 – Present
   Steering Committee, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Signal Processing
      Society Representative, 2010 – 2012
   Associate Editor, Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks Journal, 2010 - Present
   Associate Editor, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, 2009 - 2012
   Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2008 - 2012
   Area Editor, Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), 2005 - 2010
   Guest editor, Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks Journal Special Issue on Wireless
      Communication and Networking in Challenged Environments, 2011
   Guest editor, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) Special Issue on Distributed
      Camera Networks: Sensing, Processing, Communication and Computing, 2010
   Guest editor, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communication (JSAC) Special Issue on
      Simple Wireless Sensor Networking Solutions, 2010
   Guest editor, EURASIP JWCN Special Issue on Wireless Sensor Networks, 2005


   Key Member, Interest Group on Distributed and Sensor Networks for Mobile Media
   Computing and Applications of the IEEE Multimedia Communication Technical
   Committee, 2010-2012
   Design and Implementation of Sig. Proc. Systems (DISPS) (Member, 2001-2004)
   Rochester Section of the IEEE ComSoc (Co-chair, 2004)
   Rochester Section of the IEEE SPS (Chair, 2004)


   DCOSS '09 (TPC Vice-Chair, Systems and Applications Track) [CFP]
   IPSN '09 (TPC)
   INFOCOM '09 (TPC)
   ICC '09 (TPC)


   HealthNet '08 (Demo Session Co-Chair)
   Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Scholarship (Reviewer)
   ATNAC '08 (TPC)
   MidSense '08 (TPC)
   HealthNet '08 (TPC)
   EWSN '08 (TPC)


   SECON '07 (Vice General Chair)
   DCOSS '07 (Poster Session Co-Chair)
   HealthNet '07 (TPC)
   MobiHoc '07 (TPC)
   MSWiM '07 (TPC)
   ICDCS '07 (TPC)
   EWSN '07 (TPC)
   ASWN '07 (TPC)
   NetCri '07 (TPC)
   SenseApp '07 (TPC)
   DSS '07 (TPC)


   MobiHoc '06 (Poster Co-Chair)
   SECON '06 (Publicity Chair)
   DCOSS '06 (Publicity Chair)
   IEEE/CreateNet BaseNets (Steering Committee)
   Upstate NY Workshop on Communications and Networking '06 (TPC Co-chair)
   ICDCS '06 (TPC)
   ASWN '06 (TPC)
   EWSN '06 (TPC)
   MidSense '06 (TPC)
   MASS '06 (TPC)
   MSWiM '06 (TPC)
   SenseApp '06 (TPC)
   EmNets '06 (TPC)
   DCOSS '06 (TPC)


   DCOSS '05 (Publicity Chair)
   SenSys '05 (Publicity Co-Chair)
   Mobicom '05 (Publicity Co-Chair)
   EmNetS-II (US Publicity Advisor)
   BroadNets '05 (Workshops Co-Chair)
   BaseNets '05 (Steering Committee)
   EWSN '05 (TPC)
   WMAN '05 (TPC)
   ASWN '05 (TPC)


   BaseNets '04 (Workshop Co-chair)
   SenSys '04 (Poster Session Co-chair)
   SECON '04 (TPC)
   SANPA '04 (TPC)
   MobiWac '04 (TPC)
   BroadWISE '04 (TPC)
   ASWN '04 (TPC)
   MWN '04 (TPC)
   AlgoSensors '04 (TPC)


   Upstate NY Workshop on Sensor Networks '03 (TPC Co-chair)
   ICDCS Workshop on Mobile Computing Middleware 2003 (TPC)


   ICIP 2002 (Exhibits Chair)
   SiPS 2002 (TPC)