Pictures from South Africa

Cape Town

Beautiful Table Mountain overlooking beautiful Cape Town A strange monument to the Africaans language in the wine country just outside Cape Town
A sunset on Signal Point, near Table Mountain A great band called African Dream playing at Mama Africa's

Cape Point

Penguins on Boulder Beach, on the way to Cape Point Cape Point, just south of the Cape of Good Hope, near Cape Town Lighthouse on Cape Point

A Township Tour at Haut's Bay, near Cape Town

People in the township stuggle to make a living. Spwese, Steve, Lennox (the lead singer of a band we heard), and Craig in Spwese's house. Lennox is trying to use music to help himself and his family. He was fascinating to talk with. Craig started the township tour company. He used to be in the South African army where he sometimes had to enforce the rules of apartheid by shooting into crowds. Now he's working to right the wrongs of apartheid. Spwese's baby is in the tub.

Kamikaze Canyon, Near Cape Town

We went abseiling (rappelling) and kloofing (cliff jumping) in Kamakaze Canyon. We rappelled down a 60 m (about 200 feet) waterfall and jumped off several cliffs up to 14 m. Here Wendi is taking the plunge off the 7 m cliff (that's as high as she got).

The West Coast

Flowers in West Coast National Park. We just missed the wildflower season. Steve windsurfing in 50 knots on Langebaan Lagoon Symbolic of Steve's windsurfing efforts

The Kalahari

These lions were lying right on the road in the park. We parked about 10 feet away from them an just watched them.