Pictures from Namibia

The roads in Namibia are long, straight, and desolate. Most of them aren't paved. Fish River Canyon, in southern Namibia looks like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon.
Duwisib Castle is in the middle of nowhere. The man who built it was born exactly 100 years before Wendi, and the woman he married was from Summit, New Jersey, right next door to Wendi's hometown. In Namibia we camped in a tent and cooked our own food. Quiver Trees are odd looking trees common in Namibia.
The most famous dune in the Namib Desert, Dune 45, is particularly pretty at sunrise and sunset.

After hiking 5 km over the sand, we arrived at Sossusvlei in the
Namib-Naukluft National Park and climbed this 300m-high dune.

After reaching the top of the dune, we were rewarded with a spectacular 360 degree view.