EE 111.Circuits

Circuit analysis considering passive RLC elements, ideal and
controlled sources. Topics: network theorems, steady state and transient
solutions, complex frequency, harmonic wave-form analysis, and two-port
network descriptions. Laboratory: electrical measurement instruments and
techniques. Prerequisites: concurrent registration in MTH163 and PHY122.



EE 235/435.Introduction to Opto-Electronics

Introduction to fundamentals of wave propagation in materials, waveguides
and fibers, generation, modulation and detection of light using semiconductor
devices, and elements of optocommunication systems. Prerequisites EE230 &
EE221, equivalent or permission of instructor.



EE 492/PHY 523. Physics and Materials Science for Advanced Optoelectronic Devices

Current issues and fundamental and applied research in nanostructured semi-
conductor materials. Manufacture and survey of the electronic and optical
properties of semiconductors: bulk, quantum wells, quantum wires, quantum
dots. Current and proposed device applications.