Professor Philippe M. Fauchet
Chairman, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Director, Center for Future Health
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Professor of Optics
Senior Scientist at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Affiliated Faculty, Biomedical Engineering Program
Ph.D., Stanford University, '84


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Research Interests

Key words: optoelectronic and photonic materials and devices, semiconductor physics, porous silicon, silicon quantum dots, Si-based LEDs, nanoelectronics, Si-based biosensors, optical diagnostics

My research interests are multidisciplinary and lie at the intersection of semiconductor and devices physics, materials sciences, physical chemistry, and optics. There are presently three major centers of interest in my group.

The first center of interest is nanoscale silicon structures. Nanometer-size Si objects can be engineered for a wide variety of applications including optoelectronics (e.g., light-emitting diodes, waveguides), photovoltaics, electronics (e.g., single electron devices, non-volatile memories), and photonics (e.g., photonic bandgap structures). Presently we manufacture and process various types of nanoscale Si objects, including crystallized Si-SiO2 superlattices and porous silicon, and use them for all the above-mentioned applications.

The second center of interest is biomedical and chemical sensors. This research, conducted in the Center for Future Health, aims at inventing novel, inexpensive sensors that can be used by consumers worldwide, for example to detect the presence of specific pathogens or pollution agents. Presently, we are using porous silicon to recognize DNA as part of a smart bandage project.

The third center of interest is the ultrafast response of solids, especially semiconductor structures. The primary emphasis is on understanding how they respond to excitation with a femtosecond laser pulse. The overall goal is to use this information to develop faster optoelectronic or photonic devices.  Presently, we are investigating both wide gap semiconductors (e.g., GaN) and narrow gap semiconductor structures.

Selected Publications

1. "Phonon-Assisted Tunneling And Interface Quality In Nanocrystalline Si/ Amorphous SiO2 Superlattices,"
    L. Tsybeskov, G. F. Grom, P. M. Fauchet, J. P. McCaffrey, J. -M. Baribeau, G. I. Sproule, and D. J.
    Lockwood, Appl. Phys. Lett. 75, 2265-2267 (1999).

2. "Tunable, Narrow, And Directional Luminescence From Porous Silicon Light Emitting Devices," S. Chan
    and P. M. Fauchet, Appl. Phys. Lett. 75, 274-276 (1999).

3. "Intrinsic Picosecond Response Times Of Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconducting Photodetectors," M. Lindgren, M.
    Currie, C. Williams, T. Y. Hsiang, P. M. Fauchet, R. Sobolewski, S. H. Moffat, R. A. Hughes, J. S.
    Preston, and F. A. Hegmann, Appl. Phys. Lett. 74, 853-855 (1999).

4. "Hot Carrier Relaxation Time In GaN," H. Ye, G. W. Wicks, and P. M. Fauchet, Appl. Phys. Lett. 74,
    711-713 (1999).

5. "Electronic States And Luminescence In Porous Silicon Quantum Dots: The Role Of Oxygen," M. V.
    Wolkin, J. Jorné, P. M. Fauchet, G. Allan, and C. Delerue, Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 197-200 (1999).

6. "Progress Toward Nanoscale Silicon Light Emitters," P. M. Fauchet, IEEE Jour. Selected Topics in
    Quantum Electron. 4, 1020-1028 (1998) (Invited).

7. "Photovoltaic Device Applications Of Porous Microcrystalline Silicon," S. P. Duttagupta, P. M. Fauchet,
    A. C. Ribes, H. F. Tiedje, S. Damaskinos, T. E. Dixon, D. E. Brodie, and S. K. Kurinec, Solar Energy
    Materials & Solar Cells 52, 271-283 (1998).

8. "Nanocrystalline-Silicon Superlattice Produced By Controlled Recrystallization," L. Tsybeskov, K. D.
    Hirschman, S. P. Duttagupta, M. Zacharias, P. M. Fauchet, J. McCaffrey, and D. J. Lockwood, Appl.
    Phys. Lett. 72, 43-45 (1998).

9.  "Porous Silicon: From Luminescence To LEDs," R. T. Collins, P. M. Fauchet, and M. A. Tischler,
     Physics Today 50, 24-31 (1997) (Invited).

10. "Silicon-Based Visible Light-Emitting Devices Integrated Into Microelectronic Circuits," K. D.
      Hirschman, L. Tsybeskov, S. P. Duttagupta, and P. M. Fauchet, Nature 384, 338-340 (1996).

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