One of the important benefits of being in academia is that I get to interact with students early in their career and can potentially make significant and positive impacts on their future career and life. Unlike many ECE/EE departments with a very large faculty size, Rochester offers a unique environment that is conducive to student-faculty interaction and multi-disciplinary research.

For graduate applicants:

If you are interested in joining my group, please follow the department instructions and apply to the graduate program formally. Once you are “in the system”, I’ll be able to review your credentials and get in touch with you.

For MS students:

If you are looking for a thesis topic or a research project and are interested in topics related to computer architecture, including VLSI and devices, you are welcome to join my group and we have a range of interesting topics for you to explore. If you are considering do a thesis with me (plan A), you need to take at least ECE401 (and obtain an A).

Current students:

PhD Students:

  1. Richard Afoakwa

  2. Sushant Kondguli

  3. Arnab Sarkar

  4. Anshujit Sharma

  5. Uday Reddy Vengalam

  6. Ruhuang Zheng

MS Student(s):

Graduated students:


  1. 5. Raj Kumar Parihar, 2016

  2.     Thesis: Accelerating Decoupled Look-ahead to Exploit Implicit Parallelism

  3.     First job: Principal Design Engineer, Cadence

  4. 4. Aaron Carpenter, 2012

  5.     Thesis: The Design and Use of High-Speed Transmission Line Links for Global On-

  6.     Chip Communication

  7.     First job: Assistant Professor, ECE, Binghamton University

  8. 3. Xin Li, 2012

  9.     Thesis: To the Better Understanding of the Properties and Impact of Memory

  10.     Hardware Errors

  11.     First job: Software Engineer, Google

  12. 2. Alok Garg, 2011

  13.     Thesis: Exploring Performance-Correctness Explicitly-Decoupled Architectures

  14.     First job:  Senior Design Engineer, AMD

  15. 1. M. Wasiur Rashid, 2008

  16. Thesis: Highly-Decoupled Thread Level Redundancy

  17. First job: Staff Engineer, NVIDIA


(those who have done significant research work and have a thesis and/or publications)

  1. 10. Jing Xue, 2010

  2.     Publication: [ISCA’10]

  3.     First job: Engineer, NVIDIA

  4. 9. Ashay Narsale, 2008

  5. Thesis: “Variation-Tolerant Hierarchical Voltage Monitoring Circuit for Soft Error Detection”

  6. Publication: [ISQED’09]

  7. First job: System Architect, Intel

  8. 8. Hongzhou Zhao, 2008

  9. Thesis: “Memory Buffer Element Optimization for Decoupled Thread Level Redundancy”

  10. First job: PhD candidate in Computer Science, Rochester

  11. 7. Jiasheng Shi, 2008

  12. Thesis: “Binary Analysis and Optimization for Explicitly Decoupled Architectures”

  13. First job: PhD candidate in Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh

  14. 6. Srinivas Vaidyanathan, 2008

  15. Thesis: “Practicality of Single Event Effects Detection using Thin-Films: A Study”

  16. First job: Staff Verification Engineer, Broadcom

  17. 5. Nitin Bhardwaj, 2008 (Co-advised with Prof. Sandhya Dwarkadas)

  18. Thesis: “Interaction between Communication-based and Capacity-based Coherence

  19. Protocol Optimizations”

  20. First job: CPU Architect, Intel

  21. 4. Regana Noor, MS 2007

  22. Thesis: “Exploiting Timing Properties of Memory Access for Efficient Dependence Enforcement”

  23. Publication: [TC’08]

  24. 3. Ruke Huang, 2005

  25. Publication: [HPCA’06]

  26. First job: Staff Engineer, Microsoft

  27. 2. Liem Tran, 2004

  28. Publication: [ISPASS’04]

  29. First job: Performance Analysis Engineer, Intel

  30. 1. Fung Ngai (Monty), 2004

  31. Publication: [ISPASS’04]

  32. First job: Staff Engineer, Wells Fargo