5th Int'l Meeting on Electrowetting

31 May to 2 June, 2006
Rochester, New York (USA)

sponsored by
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Rochester

Registration is now closed; all oral and poster sessions are now full.


The poster session

Please prepare posters on a single sheet of approximate size 36" by 60" (120 cm by 180 cm).  We recommend a portrait format, that is, with the long dimension vertical.

Oral presentations

A computer projector will be available for orally presented papers.  Please bring your own laptops.  An overhead projector will be available as a back-up system.

Instructions for submitting abstracts

One-page abstracts of invited lectures, oral papers, and posters will be collected and printed in a booklet to be distributed to attendees at the conference.  The strictly enforced deadline for receipt of abstracts is 1 March, 2006.  Please submit abstracts as email attachments to Ms. Barbara Dick in both (i) word processor (MS Word or compatible) and (ii) pdf formats. Abstracts are strictly limited to one page in total length of size not greater than 6.5" (16.5 cm) in width by 9" (21.5 cm) in height.  Name submitted files as "xxx.doc" and "xxx.pdf", where xxx = name of corresponding author.

To avoid problems that might arise during the printing of A4 documents, especially those containing graphics, please try to reformat your abstract to standard American letter size (8.5" by 11") before sending files.

Abstracts may contain line drawings and photos as well as references, but please be sure to observe the one-page and margin limits.  Use 10 point Times or Times Roman font.  At the top of the page one line below the title, provide affiliations of all authors and the email address of the corresponding author.  We recommend against use of headers or footers with logos as these provide no useful information to your fellow attendees and may interfere with efficient assembly of the abstract document.  The proper place for logos is your Powerpoint slides.

If questions arise about abstract preparation and submission, please contact Barbara Dick.

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