5th International Meeting on Electrowetting

31 May to 2 June, 2006
Rochester, New York (USA)

sponsored by
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Rochester

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Invited Lectures

Dr. B Berge, Varioptic, Inc., France
title: "How electrowetting interfaces with optics, mechanics and chemistry in liquid lenses"

Dr. T Blake, retired from Eastman Kodak Company, United Kingdom
title: "Dynamics of electrowetting: where do we go from here?"

Prof. R Fair, Duke University, USA
title: "Biomedical Applications of Electrowetting Systems"

Prof. F Mugele, Twente University, The Netherlands
title: "Electrowetting beyond Lippmann's approximations: field-induced surface distortions and finite conductivity effects in capillary breakup"

Prof. J Ralston, University of South Australia, Australia
title: "Electrowetting in aqueous and non-aqueous systems: saturation and other non-Lippmann behavior"

Prof. M Washizu, Tokyo University, Japan
title: "Electromechanical transport of aqueous droplets"


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