The general objective is the development of ultrasonic techniques that improve the utility of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in medicine.

To accomplish this objective, two major projects are underway. The first is the characterization of wavefront distortion and the development of adaptive compensation techniques. The second is development of high-resolution and quantitative imaging techniques.

Other current technical goals are the determination of power spectra of tissue variations from the measurements of angular scattering and the correlation of the measured scattering data with the structure of tissue.

Professor Robert Waag's recent research has treated ultrasonic scattering, propagation, and imaging in medical applications.

Associate Professor Makoto Tabei's fields of research include ultrasonic imaging, image reconstruction, and acoustical signal processing.

Research Associate Russell J. Fedewa's research interests are ultrasound harmonic imaging, and acoustic scattering.

Graduate Student Wayne Pilkington is currently engaged in research in ultrasonic imaging, wavefront distortion and aberration correction, 3-D visualization.