Sonoelasticity Imaging
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Rochester, NY

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Research into sonoelasticity imaging is being conducted at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.

Kevin J. Parker, Ph.D. (Electrical and Computer Engineering/Radiology) is the principal investigator and can be contacted via the information listed on the bottom of this web page.

What is Sonoelasticity Imaging?

Sonoelasticity imaging is a novel method for assessing the stiffness, or elastic constants of tissues. This combination of externally applied vibration and new Doppler imaging techniques was pioneered at the University of Rochester by Robert M. Lerner, M.D. and Dr. Parker in 1986, following earlier work by Dr. Lerner on stiffness and compressibility of phantom materials, and basic Doppler studies by Dr. Jarle Holen and colleagues. Since sonoelasticity imaging reveals patterns of vibration within tissues, stiff tumors which may not be accessible to palpitation can be imaged regardless of subtle changes in echogenicity. Sonoelasticity is also known as sonoelastography.  Click here to read about the visualization of cancers in prostate using sonoelastography and propagating shear wave interference patterns.