Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Inquiries regarding the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Rochester should be directed to Prof. Thomas Howard. Undergraduates at the University of Rochester interested in robotics are encouraged to investigate research opportunities hosted by the laboratory and through programs like the Xerox Engineering Research Fellows, Research Expereince for Undergraduates, and/or to enroll in courses taught by Prof. Howard. Recent research opportunities and course offerings are listed below.

Research Opportunity: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Description: Assist with research in human-robot interaction, robot motion planning, navigation, and control, and mobile manipulation.

Qualifications: C++, Python, ROS, Git, CMake, experience with mobile robots or robot manipulators

Responsibilities: Prototyping, developing, and testing hardware, electronics, algorithms, and software for autonomous robots

Undergraduate Course: Robot Control

Course Listing: ECE 231

Last Offered: Spring 2019

Description: This course covers control and planning algorithms with applications in robotics. Topics include transfer function models, state-space models, transient and steady-state response, root-locus analysis, frequency-response analysis, Bode diagrams, stability, PID control, transforms and spatial rotations, forward and inverse kinematics, forward and inverse differential kinematics, dynamics, joint space control, and operational space control. Proficiency with Matlab is recommended. Recitation required.

Prerequisites: MTH 165, ECE 114 (or equivalent), and ECE 241 (or equivalent) or permission of instructor.

Undergraduate/Graduate Course: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Course Listing: ECE 232/437

Last Offered: Spring 2020

Description: This course covers models and algorithms for autonomous mobile robots. Topics include sensors, perception, state estimation, mapping, planning, control, and human-robot interaction. Proficiency with Matlab/C++ is recommended. Lab required.

Prerequisites: MTH 165, ECE 114 or CSC 171 (or equivalent) or permission of instructor.

Please note that Prof. Howard does not respond to emails regarding admission to graduate school. If you are interested in joining the laboratory as a graduate student, please apply to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Science, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and/or the Goergen Institute of Data Science at the University of Rochester.