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Silicon Photonics and Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits

Our latest research effort in silicon photonics focuses on how to seamlessly integrate photonic devices (lasers, photodetectors, waveguides, modulators, micro-lens, micro-mirrors and others) together with ultrafast electronics, and create Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits (EPICs). These EPICs will enable some exciting new applications such as inter-/intra-chip optical interconnects, free-space optical wireless communications, ranging/ locating, and imaging. Our group is well positioned in this area, thanks to our research on wideband communication circuits, high-performance timing generation and distribution, and microwave passive devices. We can also leverage our collaboration with optics research groups at Institute of Optics and Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Currently, we are developing device and circuit technologies that are suitable for EPICs, e.g., as demonstrated in our work on a 3-GHz, 0.4-A/W silicon photodetector integrated in standard CMOS. We are also investigating integrated free-space optics as a new communication platform for both intra-chip interconnect and wireless local and personal area networks (WLAN and WPAN).


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