Laboratory for Advanced
Integrated Circuits and Systems


Our group is actively engaged in the research of integrated high-speed electronics and photonics. In particular, we are focusing on the following research directions:

  • Inter- and intra-chip optical/electrical interconnects;
  • Silicon photonics;
  • Electronic-photonic integrated circuits (EPIC);
  • Wideband and high-speed integrated circuits and systems;
  • High-performance clocking in microprocessors and SoCs;
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) radios;
  • Energy-efficient RF oscillators;
  • Smart wireless sensor systems.


  • Our paper on 3-D Integrated Heterogeneous Intra-Chip Free-Space Optical Interconnect will appear in Optics Express.
  • The first chip prototype for 3-D Integrated Heterogeneous Intra-Chip Free-Space Optical Interconnect was successfully demonstrated, and the results presented in Photonics West 2012.
  • Microring-based Optical Pulse Train Generator was experimentally demonstrated and the results were published in Optics Express June 2011.
  • We welcome Jing Gao, Francis Smith and Yong Wang to our group.

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