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  Krzysztof Switkowski (2008 - present, PhD ECE)
Research area: Ultrafast Time-Domain Device Characterization
  Hiroshi Irie (2008 - present, PhD ECE)
Research area: Ultrafast Ballistic Nanodevices
Charles Clarkson (2007 - present, PhD ECE)
Research area: Ultrafast Ballistic Nanodevices
Cheng Zhao (2007 - present, PhD MSC)
Research area: Ultrafast Spintronics
Jie Zhang (2006 - present, PhD ECE)
Research area: Ultrafast Phenomena in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
  Gregg Guarino (2005 - present, PhD ECE part-time)
Research area: Ballistic Deflection Transistors
Dong Pan (2005 - present, PhD Physics)
Thesis area: Ferromagnet/Superconductor Heterostructures for Ultrafast Photodetector Applications
Allen Cross (2003 - present, PhD ECE)
Thesis area: Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and Their Applications for X-Ray Detection
  Takahiro Taneda (2002 - present, PhD ECE)
Thesis area: Time-resolved pump-probe characterization of superconductor-ferromagnet nano-bilayers for ultrafast photodetector applications
  Ms. Xia Li (2002 - present, PhD MSC)
Thesis: Optical and THz Time-Resolved Characterization of Hg-Based High-Temperature Superconductors

Supervised PhD Theses

Ms. Jennifer Kitaygorsky (PhD ECE, 2008) Thesis: Photon and Dark Counts in NbN Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors and Nanostripes. Current position: Scientist, Electromagnetic Applications, Lakewood, CO.

Marat Khafizov (PhD Physics, 2007) Thesis: Photoresponse Mechanism of Superconducting MgB2. Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.

Daozhi Wang (PhD ECE, 2007) Thesis: Femtosecond Optical Characterization and Applications of Cd(Mn)Te Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors. Current position: Research Engineer, Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY.

Shuai Wu (PhD Physics, 2007) Thesis: Time-Resolved Characterization of Carrier and Phonon Dynamics in GaN Single Crystals. Current position: Sr. Research Engineer, Opteos, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.

Wojciech S?ysz (PhD EE, Institute of Electron Technology, 2006) Thesis: Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors for Applications in Quantum Communications. Current position: Scientist, Institute of Electron Technology, Warszawa, Poland.

Aaron Pearlman (PhD ECE, 2006) Thesis title: Ultrafast Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors for Quantum Communications. Current position: Post-doctoral Researcher, Optical Technology Division, NIST Gaithersburg, MD.

Jung-Rae Park (PhD ECE, 2006) Thesis title: Time-Resolved Imaging Using Non-Collinear Parametric Down-Conversion. Current position: Post-doctoral Researcher, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Roberto Rey-De-Castro (PhD MSC, 2004) Thesis: Ultrafast Magneto-Optical Properties and Applications of Cd1-xMnxTe Semimagnetic Semiconductors. Current position: Scientist, Frick Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

Ms. Ying Xu (PhD ECE, 2004) Thesis: Optical Studies of Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in High Temperature Superconductors. Current position: Research Associate, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Ms. Xuemei Zheng (PhD ECE, 2004) Thesis: Ultrafast Characterization of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems. Current position: Research Associate, Dept. of Physics, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Jin Zhang (PhD MSC, 2004) Thesis: Ultrafast NbN Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors for Noninvasive CMOS Circuit Testing. Current position: Scientist, Perkin-Elmer Optoelectronics, Mountain View, CA.

Andrii Klimov (PhD Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2002) Thesis: Optical and Transport Characterization of Laser-Ablated Thin Films of Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide. Current position: Scientist, Institute of Physics, Warszawa, Poland.

Carlo Williams (PhD ECE, 2001) Thesis: Ultrafast, Hot-Electron Photoresponse of High-Temperature Superconductors. Current position: Development Scientist, Corning Inc., Corning, NY.

Roman Adam (PhD MSC, 2001) Thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Ultrafast Optoelectronic Superconducting Devices. Current position: Scientist, Juelich Research Center, Juelich, Germany.

Kenton Green (PhD ECE, 1999) Thesis: Characterization of Optoelectronic Microwave Switches. Current position: Physicist, Northrop-Grumman Corp., Rolling Meadows, IL.

Wei Xiong (PhD ECE, 1995) Thesis: Fabrication and Optoelectronic Properties of Y-Ba-Cu-O Thin Films with Different Oxygen Contents. Current position: Staff Member, Materials Research Corporation, Orangeburg, NY.

Witold Kula (PhD Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1991) Thesis: Microwave Characterization of High-Temperature Superconducting Thin Films. Current position: Staff Member, IBM Almaden, Almaden, CA.

Supervised MS Theses

Steven E. Rako (MS ECE, 2005) Thesis: Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Simulations with Attenuated Pulsed-Laser and Quantum Emitter.

Allen Cross (MS ECE, 2005) Thesis: Niobium Nitride Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors for Quantum Cryptography. Current position: Graduate student at the University of Rochester.

GuillauMSbouret (MS ECE, 2001) Thesis: Time Response of High-Temperature Superconducting Microbridge Structures Perturbed by Ultrafast Electrical Current Pulses. Current position: Graduate student at Princeton University.

Roman Adam (MS ECE, 1997) Thesis: Optically-Induced Effects in Y-Ba-Cu-O Josephson Junctions.

Anthony Schrock (MS EE, 1992) Thesis: Estimating Diode Junction Temperature and Its Effect on Full Color Light Emitting Diodes for Precision Imaging Applications. Current position: Staff Member, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY.

Supervision of over 10 Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scientists, 1992 - present.

Supervision of above 10 coursework-based MS degrees, 1992 - present.

Supervision of undergraduate student projects for the 1993 and 1999 National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.

Mentor for the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program for Minority Students, 1992 - present.

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