ECE114 Introduction to Computers and Programming

Time: TuTh 11:05am - 12:20pm
Instructor: Prof. Michael Huang
Textbook: Small C++ How to Program, 5ed


Academic honesty policy

In ECE114, we will be using Blackboard (manuals) throughout the semester. It provides an array of useful utilities such as an electronic message board. Homework and exam grades and class slides will be posted on that page as well. Please try to resolve any technical difficulties accessing it ASAP.

textbook A note about textbook: The more complete version "C++ How to Program", 5ed subsumes the abbreviated "Small C++ How to Program, 5ed" and is perhaps more useful, if bulkier. A used copy of the former may be easier to find. (A 6th edition is available, but you'll have to refer to a 5ed for homework assignments.)